Or more specifically, why YET ANOTHER wedding blog?

I’ve never understood why anyone would assume that there are legions out there trembling with anticipation to find out what color scheme  a couple selects for their table centerpieces or the exact weight of bond paper used for the Save the Date cards.  Perhaps there’s an audience bent on voyeurism cruising the web in search of narcissism.  And that’s fine, because that’s what DARPA had in mind when they originally invented the Internet.

There’s even a profusion of “Anti-Wedding” blogs out there that purport to subvert the norms and provide advice for couples who refuse to buy into the “One Perfect Day” marketing scam.  While infinitely more readable than the “I picked eggplant viridian as the color for my bridesmaid dresses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” blogs, there’s no need for yet another.

We have a lot to figure out about our impending nuptials.  We may end up having a traditional Episcopal ceremony in a grand setting complete with the obligatory readings from Corinthians.  OR we may have a symbolic holdfasting ceremony officiated by a blacksmith over an anvil, complete with ninja mimes performing the vows in interpretive dance.

This blog will act mostly as a dumping ground for our random thoughts, musings, and idylls.  As such, it will serve its cathartic purpose whether anyone is reading it or not.  So if you’re here, welcome, come on in, pull up a chair and say hi to the dog and the cat.  We’ll try not to bore you too terribly.