Great googly mooglies, we got the National Cathedral!

Last Thursday we met with the Director of Worship and confirmed the date of October 24th at 4pm.

This has been our pipe dream from the first moment that we started discussing a ceremony of some sort to solomnize our union. Which, for the record, was a good three months before I actually popped the question.

Now we have to decide whether to get married at the High Altar, or in the Mary’s Chapel to one side. Penny favors the latter. It has stained glass windows representing the parables, and is in a smaller, slightly more intimate space. It also has pews that face forward to the alter as is traditional. There are medieval tapestries showing David and Goliath, complete with severed heads.

The High Altar would have our guests seated in the wooden choir stalls that line the chancel. This means that they would be on either side of us facing downward. Everyone would have a good view, but they would have to crane their necks when we go up to the actual altar for the blessing of the rings.

I favor this option. I think the light and the space is more majestic, and like that there’s a view of the Creation Rose window. I think the choir stalls with their dark wood are very interesting and unusual and provide a warmth to the space.

The High Altar is also twice as expensive as the Mary’s Chapel.

We’ll have to figure it out. Either place will be fantastic and enough to make us weak in the knees.