a_basset_hound_puppies2Instead of bouquets or nosegays, each bridesmaid will carry a cute, squirming basset hound puppy! As they reach the altar, they will plop the puppy on a blanket laid there for that purpose. The puppies will then gambol and frolick throughout the ceremony, producing ooohs and ahhhhs from the congregation.

And they could serve as attendant gifts also!

Alas for the fact that this idea is amazingly dumb and impractical. Still, the fact that my brain even went here is a glimpse into how these productions get way out of hand. We were actually looking at places that sell butterflies to release as you leave the church, mostly out of curiosity. And yes, our conclusion was that it would be more sensible to give each of our guests a $100 bill and have them light it and wave them in the air as we processed.

Still, the image is fun.