Penny and I are finding ourselves precariously close to becoming those obnoxious people who prattle on at length about the most insignificant and asinine details of their wedding. 

“You’ll never guess what color we’ve chosen for the Groomsmen’s cufflinks!  PERIWINKLE!  ISN’T THAT AWESOME!!!!!?????”

The problem, of course, is that we ourselves are consumed with such details, and are having a FRABJABULOUS time fussing over the little flourishes.  So far there has been virtually no stress (knock wood) and neither of us is of the opinion that if the ribbon lacings on the backs of the chair don’t match the orchids in the boutonaire’s that the affair will be ruined, portending doom for our future lives together.  In fact, if the caterer shows up drunk, the priest fails to marry us by our correct names, or any other disaster befalls, we will just laugh and shrug and go on with enjoying our lives together.

But for the time being, we have to tread carefully, lest we alienate people who care not for the minutia that we are enjoying so much.

The reason this is so seductive is that so many people DO seem to care.  We spent New Years with Penny’s relatives in Florida, and although the dress (or at least A dress) has been procured, we went out to a couple salons to try things on.  It was incredibly fun, and throughout the weekend here relatives gushed and fussed and couldn’t WAIT to discuss the fun little details with us.

When we’re around that, we fall quickly into the trap of thinking that what’s of all consuming interest to us and perhaps of some consuming interest to some is in fact fascinating to all.

So, we would like to apologize in advance for anyone that we might bore over the next ten months.  Should we rant about centerpieces or entrance music, just make it plain on your faces that you could not care less, and we’ll get the hint.  This will help us navigate the perilous and precarious path between the Scylla of boring you with trivial details and the Charibdis of keeping you in the loop about our plans.