The made-in-China gown has arrived.

Or rather, I should say, the bubblegum taffeta eighties prom ensemble.

Not so much bridal gown as EPIC FAIL.

oh, it's pink and SOO not National Cathedral
oh, it's pink and kind of absurd
oh, it's pink and doesn't really fit meoh, it's pinkI think my eyes are melting a littleoh, it's pink and shiny like an oil slickand did I mention how PINK it is??

To Hui Fang Zou’s credit, the thing turned around LIGHTNING fast. And I suppose “champagne” can get lost in the translation and somehow become “candy pink.” But this, obviously, is not something that I would ever wear anywhere near the National Cathedral. Even on Halloween.

Fortunately the laughter, not to mention the entertainment value of the whole shipment-from-China thing, was well worth the purchase price. In fact we haven’t stopped giggling yet, and every time we take the thing out of the closet the guffaws resume anew.

Anyways, that was fun. Now let the search for the *real* gown begin.