I’ve got to hand it to Hui Fang Zou. This woman (I’m assuming she’s female) has never met me, has already been paid, and has already delivered the product I ostensibly ordered from her. But rather than risk a possible negative feedback rating on eBay, she has offered to remedy her erroneously pink creation by making me ANOTHER made-to-measure gown, from any of the designs in her eBay shop, out of bona fide champagne-colored fabric, for the cost of shipping alone.

I am actually tempted. On one hand, I’ve seen the quality of the materials that this shop uses, and I have no intention of stepping foot in the National Cathedral while clad in pearlescent polyester taffeta. On the other hand, hey, free gown. If I don’t opt for beads or lace, but just go with a straightforward matte-satin sheath, what could go wrong?