Mayhem, 12w5d

Meet Mayhem. He or she (we suspect “she,” and have defaulted to the feminine pronoun, although as yet we have no evidence) came on board in March, revealed her presence the day after I sang in the Rachmaninoff Vespers, and has now made clear her intention of sticking around until her anticipated eviction date, right around Thanksgiving.

The Mayhem FAQ! Part 1

Why “Mayhem”?
We have a theory that, when you name a child after a virtue, she grows up to embody its opposite: so Hope is depressed, Grace is clumsy, Faith is an atheist and Chastity is a stripper. Mayhem, therefore, should grow up to be a peacemaker.

How far along are you?
As of today, twelve weeks five days. Just about three months along.

When is your due date?
November 27, 2010. At least officially.

Are you going to find out if it’s a boy or a girl, or will you be surprised?
Yes and yes. As soon as she’s willing to show us, we’ll be surprised.

How are you feeling?
Very fortunate, and mostly fine. I haven’t had any morning sickness at all, and my one “complaint” — constant, excessive sleepiness — is not that bad a problem to have. It’s nice to be able to fall asleep on cue. I’m getting tired of constantly being tired, though; the famous Second Trimester Energy Burst is welcome to kick in any…day…now. And I have a new sympathy for people with narcolepsy.

Are you showing?
Depends on whom you ask. Anyone who knew me in California, back in my plus-sized days, would not bat an eyelash. People who have only known me in Boston or DC, meanwhile, immediately spot the bump.

Are you really considered “advanced maternal age”?
Yes, isn’t that awful? (And here I still feel like a dewy newlywed.) Alas, 35 is apparently the age at which one’s natural fertility goes plunging off a statistical cliff, and any babies that do manage to get themselves conceived are subject to increased risk of genetic disorders. Fortunately for us, Mayhem has passed her first-trimester ultrascreen with flying colors.

Will you still have to travel all the time for work?
Not like I have in the past few months, thank goodness. There will be an odd day trip here and there, but my next big travel plans will (hopefully) involve our babymoon!