MOBILITY UPDATE: While we have not yet witnessed independent perambulation, Natalie is getting better by the minute at chasing her favorite push toy around the living room.

Tooling along behind that thing, she can get almost all the way to a full-out run.
She can toddle, deliberately and with balance, while holding onto only one adult finger.
And, if you distract her with a piece of cheese, she can do this:

Her record for standing unsupported is 45 seconds, which involved numerous pieces of cheese. We haven’t yet convinced her that she can stay standing when there’s no cheese involved. Perhaps cheese-free standing will be her next developmental milestone.

OBSESSION WITH CHEESE UPDATE: Proceeding apace. Natalie’s favorite thing on earth right now is a Trader Joe’s Fresh Mozzarella stick, which she can crush in less time than it takes me to cut it up or her. She is clearly her mother’s daughter.