1268796_10100170885286340_1658606347_oA Pinterest-inspired idea for keeping the peace on the flight out, in case I decide to get my fuss on. My mom got us upgraded to first class so we have to be, you know, classy.

1167525_10100170885221470_1814785807_oUnimpressed with the TSA at Dulles Airport. They flagged my dad for extra screening. It wasn’t as funny as it sounds.

1274881_10100170885071770_2027168984_oFirst class, though…that I like!

1275564_10100170885131650_1037207831_oThe food is better here.

1074310_10100170884942030_1405232129_oAnd there’s plenty of room to sleep comfortably.

1263981_10100170884862190_1568641059_oWaiting for our bags at SFO. They were the first ones out! Yay first class!

1049184_10151621942087543_1730962951_oWe grabbed dim sum and then headed out to Ocean Beach, where I practiced walking.

1262654_10151621942162543_1445061605_oAnd breastfeeding on the beach, like all the cool kids do.

1265615_10151624110252543_1526582214_oI won’t even tell you how many hours we spent walking around San Francisco.

1273567_10151624109117543_189933795_oMom and Dad enjoyed espresso at Caffe Trieste. I ate Cheerios.

1278000_10151624109907543_2103427424_oVictoria Pastry in North Beach, a pilgrimage destination for Mom.

1243063_10151624109382543_216361920_oThe flowers were so purple, I could not take my eyes off the purple flowers, so incredibly purple. PURPLE.

1273578_10151628101147543_1618170706_oOff to Napa, where I got to meet all kinds of cool cousins…

736795_10151624118967543_1611543823_o…who loved on me and fed me Cheerios until I could hardly stand it.

1271612_10151624119282543_236669039_oDad and I were the best-dressed people at the rehearsal dinner.

1270864_10151624119427543_1119472311_oBut I still wouldn’t smile for (or look at) the camera.

1277587_10151627626372543_245517591_oAnd the wedding was so pretty! There was even a real rainbow. I cried anyway because I didn’t meet the minimum height requirement to be a flower girl.

1262571_10151627627157543_55463336_oBut I did like wearing a dress that matched my mom’s!

(Not pictured: the flight home. In coach. In a window and middle seat. I made my displeasure clear to my parents; I think I will require first class accommodation whenever I travel from now on.)