About Penny and Sandman

Penny and Sandman

This started out as our wedding blog.

Then we got married. (You can read the bride’s story here, here, here, and here; the groom’s story here, here, and here; and the Washington Post story here, here and here.)

Now we are happily nested in our nation’s capital with our two amazing daughters and our ineffable black cat, Moxie.

“Solvitur ambulando” is said of labyrinths and true of many seemingly-intractable things: “it is solved by walking.”

Walk with us.

Sayeth Sandman:

Be warned…there is a chance that there will be some SERIOUS schmoopiness here.  Mixed with a fair serving of snark, to be true, but if you’re a diabetic and overly saccharine content is likely to send you into a coma, proceed at your own risk.


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